A fine volume with quality printing, introduction by Roberto Mutti known critic and journalist of the “Republic”. “Americas” is the new and unusual photographic project designed by Francesco Bosso, shots starting in 2006 during frequent trips to the United States and the author to devote two years of intensive research and hard work of perfecting the images, all strictly in black and black.

This time the style and the views of boxwood are unmistakable, known for his black and white photographs the result of years of research around the world. “Americas” is the turning point of the Artist iconography, from reportage to landscape loud at times sparse and open spaces shaped by wind and water or angles metropolis full of humanity, but devoid of human presence or known icons of the American landscape alternating to unpublished dreamlike visions.

“Boxwood interested in ethnology and the relations between nations presents us with its icons all humanity, sensitivity and delicacy of these. His images, with the depth of the tones and the ability to merge man with the landscape, remind me in some ways those of Salgado I hosted Sicof and I was honored to meet and follow on many occasions including the major exhibition Arles “. Lanfranco Colombo.

Hardcover cm.29×30
41 photos black & white
ISBN 9788895962702
Signed copy by the author