Francesco Bosso (born in Italy, 1959) is a well known Italian interpreter of landscapes and primitive nature via the medium of black and white photography, in the vein of the great American masters, such as Edward and Brett Weston, the unforgettable Ansel Adams and his assistants John Sexton and Alan Ross, with whom the author has worked extensively in the USA for about a decade from 2005 to 2014.

Bosso’s extraordinary mastery of the technique of shooting outdoors in a large format, and his virtuosity in the darkroom, using the traditional analogue process, allows him to obtain wonderful prints on rare and precious gelatine silver paper, which intensifies the cleanliness of the whites and the depth of the tonal values ​​and contrasts.

A globetrotter by nature, the author decided – after years devoted to ethnic and anthropological reportage in several African countries and China, which led to two interesting photographic books, ” Swahili – African Portraits ” and ” China Crossing” – to dedicate himself to thousand interpretations of landscapes.

He interprets amazingly in his works in black and white the myriad “colors of white”.

His meticulous research aims to isolate forms and natural elements in uninhabited places, where silence reigns supreme. “The landscape is actually a scene where atmospheres and moods merge into one,” says the author, inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman and an Eastern approach, and almost Shinto in his regard for nature, in which he loves to immerse himself totally.

A patient and elaborate distilling process, of radical selection up to extreme synthesis, is carried out by the author in respect to the subjects and places visited.

Bosso catches the moment and makes it longer, locating meditative nature and a kind of consciousness of cosmic time.

After the publication of his book “White World”, dedicated to the many variations and occurrences of white in nature, the author has been, since 2012, focusing his research on the incredible variety and majesty of Iceland; this series, called “Golden Light”, is characterized by high-contrast images incorporating spectacular swathes of ligh and in 2014 he published the catalog in limited edition.

Follow the series “After Dark”, fragments of natural landscapes enclosed in real shells of light.

In 2014 he exhibited his works at the Museum of Visual Arts in Spoleto, the impressive exhibition is the sum of nearly eight years of work and it is a beautiful journey in the abstractionism between panoramic photography and pictorial material, curated by contemporary art critic Gianluca Marziani.

In 2015 Bosso is selected for participation at the 56th Edition of the Venice Biennial where expose the imposing triptych “ARRAYS” mt.2×1,50, in the context of the exhibition Present Nearness.

Many of his works are part of collections both private and museums including the Museum of Visual Arts in Spoleto, the National Museum of Photography in Brescia, Pino Pascali Museum of Polignano etc …

From 2015 Bosso has focused his photographic work on the series “Last Diamonds”, majestic icebergs arctic recounted in a dedicated book published by Skirà with a foreword by contemporary art critic Filippo Maggia.

It has been in the wake of strong emotions after a trip to the Arctic borders and extraordinary encounter with some Inuit people, the author decided to make an entire series devoted to icebergs, turning them into veritable “floating jewels” with its black and white, it captures the contours, while they proud as rocky mountains, carved by wind and ocean stand out as elegant statues, warmed by the light, knowing what they are inexorably changing.

“The” global warming “is literally devouring the glaciers of the Earth, says the author, hoping that these emblematic of rare beauty icons can offer the viewer a serious food for thought.”