After Dark

The new series AFTER DARK, presents us with naturalistic perspectives, places characterized by essential forms, “minimal” compositions sometimes to the limit of abstraction, where strong contrasts between the light and dark tones create images that are well-defined, but also evanescent and nebulous atmospheric visions.
But in this series, is it the darkness that advances in the surrounding space as the aerial substance that envelops and transfigures everything? Or rather is it the light which contrasts this slow and progressive diffusion?
It is as if the eternal opposition between these two natural manifestations found their perfect visible and emotional equilibrium, as if the passage from the darkness of the night and the lumiosity of the day were captured by the lens right at the culminating moment, a crescendo that acquires its most satisfying expression in the correct timing of the shot and the shutter click.

The subjects, therefore, become the protagonists in a natural spectacle, the interpretation of a reality that lies waiting to be understood in its most suggestive and captivating aspects.
This is also thanks to an attentive and accurate capacity to observe that goes beyond appearance and directs itself towards pure visibility; with tonal gradations that are like a second layer of concrete reality – present but concealed – that manifests itself only if one has the privelige of being able to feel it inside before seeing it on the outside, grasp its presence before it escapes forever, and discover its strength before time weakens and disperses it into its continuous and relentless flow.

Arrays, 2015 Hawaii

Fading, 2015 Hawaii

Nebula, 2009 Japan

Bubble, 2013 Iceland

Arctic Arrow, 2013 Iceland

Apocalypse, 2013 Iceland

Arctic Sunset side one, 2013 Iceland

Arctic Sunset side two, 2013 Iceland