I started to take my first American photos in 2006, during a Workshop with Kim Weston, grandson of the legendary Edward. He conducted me for the first time to Point Lobos. The beauty of this Place has been a strong catalyst for my photographic eye. Perhaps has been here that my main interest is consolidated on the Landscape, that I feel as the meeting with a Place. Sometime I keep only a small detail of it, but it always has to return me like an emotion as the moment of the click. Americas is a portfolio shoot all around STATES both in the great metropolises as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, as in the mythical American’s places: Yosemite, Point Lobos, Monument Valley, up to the remote areas of the Southwest (Arizona, Utah and New Mexico). Specially in this area I have realized different images in an ancient reserve Navajo, there is a small Canyon where the ancestors of the Indians of America, the Anazasis located their ancient dwellings, a kind of “cave-house” literally built in the rock. Spectacular rocks, where the nature seems to have had a good time creating some Murales.

In this area I have been guided by my Teacher and friend John Sexton connoisseur of these places from over twenty years, when the first time he went with Ansel Adams that also here realized wonderful photographs.
Even if in Americas portfolio miss human presence, photographs give out a strong presence of the past and contemporary humanity that allow space to observer’s imagination. Rocks and Ruins apparently oppose with great bridges and skyscrapers, but really this is essence of my American vision, extreme technology and giant nature. This concept fit my photographic approach: to gather the poetry of the Place and translate it in a perfect technical photograph. Thanks to my teachers that gave me great technical support, but overall great inspiration and more large vision of the photographic medium.

SHIP ROCK, 2008 New Mexico

SKYLINE, 2006 New York

THOUSAND FLOORS study n.1, 2006 New York

SUNSET AND GOLDEN GATE, 2006 San Francisco

TRIANGLE ROCK, 2006 Point Lobos California