Golden Light

This series called “Golden Light” is an extreme synthesis of my work done in Iceland over the course of 2012-2013. The title was given by itself, naturally, to express the particular condition of the light during that long, enchanting dusk, sometimes golden; that magic that renews itself in those places in the period between June and August which I wanted to pay homage to. Iceland is a dream land unique in world, where nature, more than in any other place, makes its presence felt, flaunting its Art of molding extraordinary landscapes with ice and fire. None of this escaped Leopardi, setting his “Dialogue of Nature and of an Icelander” in this land, where nature is conceived as an absolute and immense force where man’s occupied space is unimportant. The situation isn’t as different now; human presence is but a small margin in the great spectacle that every day nature puts on stage.

From these works my philosophy clearly emerges: “Landscape for me is a vision where a state of mind and an atmosphere are grounded.”
The intent is to render visible through photography “the itimacy of a place” entering into a relationship with it. Closing an image in a fragment of reality, capturing the flowing of time and making the invisible visible, sometimes offering details of unidentifiable landscapes. The subjects undress themselves of their apparent nature and reveal the mystery of pure form. I study and I interrogate myself constantly on the use of the photographic medium, exploring its barriers and trying to go beyond them. In this way photography becomes the instrument to translate ideas and visions into something tangible. I would like my photography to, beyond mere aesthetic pleasure, offer simulation to the mind which is not necessarily tied to our experience, and to know how to develop a conscious and unconscious vision of the hidden face of the world that surroundsus.

Basalt Pinnacle, 2012 Iceland

Black Ice, 2012 Iceland

Cliff Sentinel, 2012 Iceland

Water Blade, 2012 Iceland

Water Headlight, 2012 Iceland

Water Wall, 2012 Iceland

Night Light, 2012 Iceland