White World

According to the German etymology of the word , white “Bianco” derives from ‘blanch’ meaning shining. This is an obvious condition for a colourless colour that contains the chromatic choice of the electromagnetic range, a bright and luminous combination that hides the process under the optical relaxing result. The description of the world through white implies a radical point of view that tranforms the realism of primary colours.
White has nothing to do with compromise, but goes beyond meat, rises towards the sublime, reaches heights, enters silent depths, orders and puts harmony where chaos existed.
The images portray moments in long perspective on landscapes of uncontaminated beauty. Real places that the tone and shade management transforms into spirit, fixed sheets of music that play long , subtle, ultrasonic notes. Someone could say.. white noise: because in the pictures there is a beating silence with a regular rhythm, a sound coming from the distance that goes towards heavenly conscience of the future. The liveliness of the landscapes is impressive; they are so clear yet so evanescent, interior geography with indefinite borders, real spaces in their abstract nature dating back to thousands of years.

Places with a solid naturalistic impact, monolithic progeny that imposes its archaic volume in a constant strategy of resistance. The world becomes homogeneous in front of the photographer’s eyes: from the United States to the Seychelles Islands, from Italy to the Engadin mountains, you feel a string (white in this case) that combines different geographies in a consistent discipline of looks. The distances become subtler under the visual breath of the author, every social aspect disappears in favour of a homogeneous planetary disposition. Several places are conscious chapters of a slow, deep and rational look: to narrate a planetary epics that resounds with the percussion of rocks, the branches of trees, the breaths of winds, the white and black waves of the sea. It is the visual music of entropy, the harmonic link that caresses the Planet while it breathes through its spaces of oxygen.

The white as a discipline…

Between Shadows, 2012 Praslin Seychelles

Figures, 2010 Grand Erg Tunisia

Glaced River Study n.1, 2010 Engadin St. Moritz Switzerland

Ice Slot, 2010 Engadin St. Moritz Switzerland

Reef Gateway, 2012 Praslin Seychelles

Sea of Dunes, 2010 Grand Erg Tunisia

Silent Valley, 2010 Engadin St. Moritz Switzerland

Sunny Quiet Tree, 2010 Grand Erg Tunisia

Two Trees, 2010 Engadin St. Moritz Switzerland