Sassi e Calanchi


A succession of images, displayed in this extraordinary gallery revealing a respectful approach to theunusual theme of urban Matera, an approach that gives the feeling of a jump between the stairs and streets, houses and caves, collected neighborhoods and scenic open space by bringing out primary elements of such beauty and complexity.

In the “travel through” the icons of the exhibition reveals a world still unexplored rivers and Badlands. Anatural frame from which protrude countries fairytale Pisticci with its terraced houses, overlooking thevalley Basento, then Cracow, the “country walk” with the square tower placed on the rock pouncing aroundlike a sentry armed with what were churches and palaces.
Stigliano, Gorgoglione, Cirigliano with its circular tower and then down the hill to the bottom of the valley ofSauro and Agri with spectacular badlands of Aliano, Tursi and Montalbano.
The choice of the Black & White emphasizes the authentic approach and the renunciation of spectacular to better bring out the reality of these places with the amazing tool that has the power.

size cm. 24×30
53 photos duotone plates
publisher Castelvecchi
ISBN 887615148-6