Swahili Ritratti Africani

<< … In an increasingly multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and inter-dependent, it is increasingly urgent to learn how to deal with the altro.Francesco Boxwood offers us a rich documentation, careful and punctual on the Maasai, Wa-arusha, Zulu, Datog, Hadzabe, populations located between Kenya, Tanzania,Zimbabwe and South Africa, which is in the heart of the cradle of Humankind. … >>

With these words LANFRANCO COLOMBO describes “Swahili” a photo exhibition and a book, 66 black and white photos, a report geo-ethnographic Francesco Bosso which offers a cross-section of African life withattention to the tribal cultures of the south-east of the continent.

A photographic story of those who use the means of delivering incomparable emotions experienced, Africa and its popolo..terra unknown and mysterious, are revealed in an exemplary fashion to extremes unmatchedaccuracy through these moments captured by the lens.

And so the book becomes a story of real life … that few know … but, instead, ought to be voiced in all its richness … natural source of culture and tradition. Photographs dreamers and connoisseurs.

96 pages cm.23×27
68 photos duotone plates
publisher Electa Napoli
ISBN 8851001472
Signed copy by the author