The search for an artist of contemporary photography, where aesthetics meet technical rigor and conceptual caliber. Francesco Bosso presents a selection of works, from the latest series “After Dark”, together with a recollection from previous works, through a different reading, bringing out a transversal perspective never before revealed. A vision of the complex dynamics of Nature that we are accustomed to classify as ORDERS and DISORDERS, where apparently chaotic forms hide surprising rhythms of regularity, where moments nest in other moments, where fragmented landscapes, moving dunes, sculpted rocks, rough waters, they chase each other alternating moments of Order with moments of Disorder.

In the “visions” of Bosso there is a non-univocal perception where the scene is continually decomposed and recomposed, where one can glimpse by changing one’s point of view, the Order that governs Disorder.

His concept of landscape has the harmonious breath of romantic painting, metabolized and sized on the contemporary weight of photographic vision. He has always preferred the modular black and white, made up of many variations of gray and of the intermediate tonal scales. His expression thinks in a pictorial way, inside the powerful naturism of the uncontaminated landscape. A methodical and very slow view, the result of long waits in selected places, of precious materials on which to print, techniques with infinitesimal calibrations.

size cm. 24 x 20
soft cover – printed April 2015
foreword by Walter Guadagnini
58 photos black & white
Centro Culturale Candiani
language English, Italian