White World

In ‘WHITE WORLD’ the author reveals his personal perception of nature seen as an uncontaminated place in contrast with the world we live in, landscapes characterized by silence, the appearance of evanescent visions, that evoke rarefied atmospheres, a grandeur from which you cannot escape.
The portfolio white world represents a series of pictures taken in various places, different from one another and distant from each other, but sharing a particular tone of research, a selection of images taken from various works that extend from the snowy stretches of St Moritz to the dunes of Grand Erg going through the salt valleys and the sculptured rocks of the Seychelles Islands, a way of looking at nature far from the stereotypes, reminding the observers of how precious is this good world and urging us to keep it intact.
Photographs byFrancesco Bosso
Refined Italian photographer known for his landscape and travels photography. His photos have been shown at various exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, always in prestigious places such as the Museum of Photography in Brescia, or the Angioino Castle in Naples. The palace of Province in Bari, Palace Besta of Teglio, ‘ Castle del Monte’ in Andria, or the Swabian Castle in Barletta.
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Introduction by Roberto Mutti
Historian and critic of Art, journalist for ‘La Repubblica’, he writes for various magazines of Photography -Arts
author of various critiques of well known Italian Photographers, Editor of several exhibitions
Foreword by Gianluca Marziani
Critic of Art , Editor at international levels , Art Director of Museum of Visual Arts in Spoleto-
Designer and Editor Terna prize Representative of Italy Stand -Biennale Exhibition in Venice in 2011

Size cm 30×30
hardbound cover
36 photos three colors
ISBN 978-88-97686-43-9
Signed copy by the author