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Silence, space, fleeting visions, natural paradises where white dominates backgrounds creates images and sometimes white and sometimes, when the grays are mixed together, palettes, natural-looking one.

Snow, Sea, Desert elements seem very far apart, here are linked by a common thread: the whiteness of WHITE.

WHITE WORLD In the author reveals the personal perception of nature as unspoiled as opposed to one in which we live, landscapes immersed in silence, appear evanescent visions, evoking a rarefied atmosphere, a grandeur that you can not escape.

A fine volume where the fine-art prints in black and white are reproduced with great care editorial, major critical essays by Roberto Mutti photography critic, curator and journalist, and Gianluca Martians curator, art critic, director of the Museum of visual arts of Spoleto.


Photo & Contemporary is pleased to present during Ouverture 2013 inauguration collective TorinoArtGalleries, the staff of Francesco Bosso (Barletta, 1959), known interpreter of the landscape and wildlife in b / w, in the vein of the great American tradition of Edward Brett and Kim Weston and Ansel Adams of the unforgettable and his followers John Sexton and Alan Ross, with whom the author has worked extensively in the USA.
The extraordinary mastery of the art of shooting outdoors with great size and virtuosity in the dark room with the now obsolete analogue process, allow the author to obtain wonderful prints rare and valuable fiber base papers that highlight the clean white and the depth of the tonal values and contrast.
Globetrotter by nature, after years devoted to ethnic and anthropological reports in several African countries and China, which led to some interesting photographic books, the author decided to devote himself to the landscape.
His research aims to isolate forms and natural elements in wild places, where the silence is absolute master. “The landscape is actually a vision of where they merge in a unique atmospheres and moods,” says the author, inspired by the poem Walt Whitman and an Eastern approach, almost Shinto towards nature that loves to be totally immersed.
The process of distilling patient and elaborate selection to the radical extreme synthesis, the one made by the author in respect of the places visited and subjects.
How keenly observes the critic Gianluca Martians: “The world is homogeneous in the eyes of photographer: the United States in the Seychelles, Italy to the Engadin mountains, you feel a thread that sews the different geographies to a consistent discipline of the look. Distances dwindle under the breath of view of the author, it disappears every social aspect in favor of a homogeneous global arrangement … Boxwood stops the moments and make them longer periods, it seeks out the meditative nature and a kind of cosmic consciousness of time … “
After the publication of the “White World”, a book dedicated to the many facets and density of white in nature, the author of 2012 is focusing his research on the incredible variety and majesty of the land in Iceland.
This series is called the “Golden Light” and is characterized by spectacular images with high contrast and light cuts, of which the exhibition will see some interesting and unusual specimens.

UNEXPECTED FORMS edited by Valerio Tazzetti
OPENING: Thursday 26 September from 18.30 to 23.00
EXHIBITION: 27 September – 31 October 2013
EXHIBITION HOURS: Tuesday-Saturday 11,00-13.30 / 15,30-19,30
EXHIBIT: Photo & Contemporary, Via dei Mille, 36 – 10123 Turin


On the February issue of the magazine AD has published an article about my photos of the snow-covered Engadine IN PHOTO – AIR SNOW “Among the works of Francesco Bosso exhibited in Milan at the exhibition Silver White, edited by Roberto Mutti, stand out those that the artist dedicated to winter Engadine. That may sound like a tribute to Albert Steiner, author of exciting visions in the mid 900‘s Alpine valley, but in fact the work of Boxwood, attributable to the genre of “portrait”, albeit landscape photographs are configured primarily as a close up of the snow cover over the course of the Inn. they are part of the journey made by the artist in the world the “white” party from the mountains of salt of Margherita di Savoia, in the Apulia region of his birth. Now his goal “sinks” in the crystal snow surface to capture its essence, whispering stories of rarefied icy spell. “

Alessandra Quattordio

MOSTRA WHITE WORLD – Orti di Leonardo Milano

At GARDENS LEONARDO in the splendid setting of Palazzo delle Stelline, showcasing the portfolio WHITE WORLD

MILAN October 23 to April 30
“WHITE WORLD” all the colors of the white is the effect of a black and white all played on the lighter shades where what appears to be the volumes created by the many shades of gray and white dall’abbacinante appearance. The photographs show a few seemingly simple elements - snow covered trees that tower into the sky, dunes that follow, cracks that open in the ice - and yet are able to convey a subtle charm, what the nature reserve as a gift to those who know how to observe it.
WHITE WORLD In the author reveals the personal perception of nature as unspoiled as opposed to one in which we live. The landscapes in the silence, appear fleeting visions, evoking a rarefied atmosphere, a grandeur that you can not escape. When Francesco Bosso says that for him “the landscape is actually a vision of where they merge in a unique atmospheres and moods”, our thoughts turn to the philosophy of nature of which is imbued with the poetry of Walt Whitman and reflection on the role of light. The search for Francesco Bosso enhances the spectacular aspects of photography, puts them in a process of rigorous definition, but then let the observer perceive the disruptive power of silence that dominates these visions, interrupted by the clatter of a step animal, the rustle of a branch that bends under the weight of snow, the tinkle of water that winds among the rocks. And so, through the pictures, we are obligated to recognize the sound of silence.

Roberto Mutti

VISIONS IN BLACK AND WHITE - Palazzo Zenobio Venezia

September 30, 2012



From 29 September to 10 October

by Barbara Vincenzi And Valentina Carrera

“Del Bianco and Nero often refers to two colors are not colors, the concept of light and darkness, one complements the other. The White and Black are two colors like the others? For centuries it has been debated on this argument coming to solutions often interesting. the concept of chrome-phobia, White and Black are taken as opposed to colors, as of prime importance, along with the form, to get all’essenzializzazione and minimization of thought as opposed to the element emotional -sensibile that color bears in himself. “